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Face your Fear! I converted a cargo van to a camper van that I live out of full time. The hashtag first sprung up on Instagram in 2011 when an American guy called Foster Huntington quit his job to live in a 1987 VW Syncro campervan, posting about his adventures along the way.

We all encounter setbacks on the road or trail, and sometimes the smallest effort can go the longest way for someone else. Nicholas really needed love and help, after visiting the orphanage a couple times they asked if they would be allowed to look after Nicholas at weekends, to take him out on trips and give him the love he so desperately needed.

Those memories and experiences may be best represented by the six pairs of skis and a snowboard that fit into the compartment that used to carry oxygen tanks, which he's taken on ski trips across the West, and the area of the ambulance roof where he sleeps on mild nights of camping — the space that's not covered by the ambulance lights or where, eventually, a solar energy system will be mounted.

They're living life in the fast lane, searching out new experiences, and sharing them with their growing audiences on social media. The increase in interest means that the resources available to these modern-day van-dwellers are also proliferating. Their vehicle was clean, outfitted with some of the best gear available to van lifers, easy to drive and plenty big enough for two people.

Half the reason I did van life was so that I could turn my phone off and unplug for best ren faire weeks at a time,” Jes added. The Road Shower provides 10 gallons of pressurized water to rinse off without taking up space inside of your camper. Madi King, whose Instagram account has a following of 1,800, often gets messages from people asking if she thinks van life is something they could do and about her thoughts about interior layout strategies.

This is what we have come to know in thousands of Instagram posts, articles and Pinterest pins as vanlife It's the overly curated, projected lifestyle of living in a cute van, trailer or camper with the freedom to drive from beaches to canyons and somehow never run out of Yerba Mate.

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